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Thursday, 3 January 2008

MaMaN Says....# 6 - Beauty Can Be TORTURE :(

In my quest for an improved appearance, I've been slapped, wrapped, pummeled and pinched. I've come to realize that a round of result-oriented rejuvenation can often come in the form of meat-tenderizing strokes and compromising positions. I have walked down a questionable path of pleasure versus pain. After spending almost one weeks in a beach resort, my beard rivaled a forest of dark, coarse twigs. Some men look rugged with a beard. I look dirty!!!

So, to combat that look, I went over to Indian Barbershop my father used to go. When I got there, I was a little nervous - putting my face in the hands of stranger with a sharp blade seemed a little risky, but, I thought,"These are professionals". Then appeared Raju, a grey-haired barber who could have easily been my grandfather. The math echoed in my mind: Sharp blade + Old man = Missing nostrils.

The "shave" started with a hot towel application and a lemony Pre-Shave Oil massage to soften my beard. Shaving cream was applied with a sterilized badger brush. SCRAPE, SCRATCH, BURN - I felt like a charred piece of toast and my face, the crumbs being scraped onto the ground. After three rounds of shaving, my face was mummified with a hot towel while the barber mixed up a "calming" After-Shave Mask.

Just as I felt like the mixture made my raw skin feel like an open sore in salt water, Raju wiped off the concoction and slapped on a jasmin-scented cold towel. Steam surfaced from my skin, but the results were good: My face was smooth and ready for show!!! :).

Pleased, I signed up for the Anti-Wrinkle Remodelling Facial. Knowing electricity would be involved,I was a bit nervous."Ini karen, mau kasi itu kulit tegang jugak la macha," Raju said.

To be continued....(sorry,I'm too tired to finish it up :p)

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