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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Greetings #2

As I held up a bubbly to welcome 2008, little could I have imagined that it was going to be a year of major changes for me. Everything from my personal life to relationships and career took somewhat of a somersault!

But as I write this now in anticipation of a brand new year, I've come to fully understand the importance of believing that everything happens for a reason........... and yes there's always a silver lining at the end of every challenge. The lessons I,ve learn in the in the past year are those which no book can teach you.

And as I take on the writership of this BLOG, here's my fervent aim: To continue to provide you with a fun, inspiring and exciting read - all that have made "TAKE A BREAK - CLUB" one of a kind. With this, I present to you a fresher, spunkier BLOG(thanks to the suggestion and comments emailed to me).
There will be some changes in some areas, and some NEW FEATURES in this BLOG. If you look at the very TOP of the page, you will see a few menu buttons that I create to make it easier for you to browse into the NEW SECTION. There is a new section called "FREE STUFF 4 U" which is actually a download page. In this page I will uploading all the good stuff(mp3, ebook, free software, etc...) in my collection for you to download for free. You also can request some materials for downloading and I will upload it for you.

As for the other sections(Pictures & Videos, Play GAMES and News n Jokes) will remain unchanged since a lot visitor love to browse it, so enjoy this new features in my BLOG ! Here's to silver linings and great year of 2008!!! :)

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