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Friday, 28 December 2007

SHARE THIS INFO # 3 : Starting fire with water ???

It’s simple really…we do it all the time
…and I’d encourage you to try this at home…it drives home the message quite effectively when it is demonstrated !!!

Paper doesn’t burn that easily

But that doesn’t mean it won’t…

Car upholstery was another matter altogether…

Each of these burns took less than 7 seconds!

Contributing factors
  • Angle of sunlight
  • Shape and clarity of bottle
  • Bottle full of water
  • Readily inflammable material

What can you do?
  • Don’t leave bottles in vehicles (or near windows in buildings) – cover them up if you have to.
  • Better still…use purpose-built water bottles which are not made of clear glass or plastic
  • Share this within the business
  • Share it with your family and friends

PS – you now know another way to start a fire in a survival situation!

1 comment:

aYu said...

Thanks for this info...
Things so simple and we always overlook can course huge impact

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