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Sunday, 6 January 2008

MaMaN Says....# 6.5 - Beauty Can Be TORTURE :(

...from my previous POST :)

The facial began with thorough cleansing massage and a potent purifying yeast-based mask to loosen pores and help rid the blackheads, coupled with a lot of squeezing. As long as the electricity kicked in, I got nervous. Raju doused two sponges in water and inserted them into the electrical discs used to massage my skin. Imagining a man in the electric chair with a wet sponged slapped on top of his head(did you watch the movie "Greenmile"?Yeah just like that...), I felt the first tickle. "This isn't so bad," I thought.

Then, the intensity kicked up as the current was worked over my freshly scraped beard. The sensation, like tiny electrically charged pins, danced harshly over my skin. To make matters worse, as she moved up my face and onto my forehead, I felt a wave of dull pain that I can only compare to a migraine.

As Raju "remodelled" my tired skin, I tasted metal. When I question it, he calmly said,"Other people have asked that question too"-which wasn't comforting. He changed the subject and told me dramatic stories of women who begged to have their slacking skin remodelled like piece of old clay. As promised, my skin did appear firmer and more youthful (at least for the hour), but I was left with one aching question; Is shock therapy the wave of the future???

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