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Monday, 7 April 2008

TIPs # 7 : Pulled Over By The Police?

Being pulled over by a police officer can be as stressful for the officer as it is for the motorist. Although the majority of people are law-abiding citizens, a police officer must still be overly cautious during all traffic stops. Here are a few tips to follow when being stopped by the police.

  1. Pull off of the road as far to the right as safely possible.
  2. Stay in your vehicle unless asked to get out.
  3. Turn on the interior light if the stop occurs at night.
  4. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and do not make sudden movements.
  5. If you are carrying a firearm, advise the officer of the weapon and its location.
  6. Advise the officer if you need to reach for your license or registration.
  7. If you are being stopped at night and you are driving alone, simply acknowledge the officer by turning on your flashers and driving at a reduced rate of speed to the nearest well lit area.

Following these simple tips will make traffic stop less stressful for everyone involved.


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mOhD^.^rAz said...

wah maman..
kena tahan ngan polis kew??

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