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Monday, 17 March 2008

Review #1 : Let's Go Vacation; Australia, The State Of Sunshine :)

The family vacation is one way to bring families closer together. Quality time for the family reinforces the importance of family values. It's sort of a "time out" from the day to day routine of living and growing. I suggest we put on the brakes and get back to basics. You surely won't have a better opportunity to do so than on the family vacation.

I can highly recommend the Australia as your next vacation destination. They have a lot of exciting and memorable cities you’ve ever imagined. For instance, you may journey to the inspiring city of Melbourne. Melbourne possesses an inspiring collection of museums dedicated to the city’s people, places and events. Melbourne Museums depict the 1956 Olympics, policing, fire fighting, Melbourne’s immigration history and the maritime industry. Fascinating walks about town may lead you to the city baths and on to many famous historical buildings. You can find nice stay in Melbourne HERE.

Another interesting city in Australia is Sydney. See over 11,500 all Australian aquatic animals at Sydney Aquarium, Experience Sydney’s best views at Sydney Tower plus be amazed by OzTrek, a virtual adventure ride across Australia, or dare to step out over the edge with Sydney Skywalk, or have the experience of a lifetime by diving with sharks at Shark Dive Xtreme. You can find nice stay in Sydney HERE.

Or maybe you can consider Brisbane as your destination. Brisbane, with 1.8 million inhabitants, is the third most populous urban area in Australia, behind Sydney and Melbourne (although it is set to overtake Melbourne in the next few years). The Gold Coast lies to the south and the Sunshine Coast to the north, making Brisbane an ideal launching pad for an Australian holiday. You can find nice stay in Brisbane HERE.

On the other hand, you might consider Perth as your destination. It is a city of contrasts where scenic natural beauty co-exists with swanky shopping malls and night clubs, untamed wildlife stands side-by-side with elegant and majestic looking historic buildings. What is sightseeing in Perth if you haven't tasted nature yet! Nature and all things natural occur at the Penguin Island, where you can meet up with throngs of cute Little Penguins amongst other diverse forms of aquatic and avian life forms, the Shark Bay, the AQWA-Aquarium of Western Australia and the Perth Zoo and the various beaches around the city of Perth, like the Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach and the Sunset Coast. You can find nice stay in Perth HERE.

Don't forget your best resources, friends and family. Ask around to see if anyone has visited an area you plan to go. Check out your local travel agencies, as well as some of the many online agencies. Before finalizing any plans, be sure to know your rights. What happens if you have to cancel? What is the deadline to cancel? Will you loose your deposit or is it refundable? Know your options.


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