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Monday, 17 December 2007

MaMaN Says....# 4 - Work Me Women !!!

Does She Make a Better Boss? Yes please!

“Oh yes, she definitely does.” Amusement and abject disbelief consumed my fellow Shah the last time I validated my penchant for women bosses.

“Hah! That’s a good one,” they joked, “that’s like saying ‘of course not’ every time the woman asks if she’s fat… it’s just something you have to say to her face.”
“I’m not kidding… I love women bosses.”
The laughter died down and grave concern clouded the once happy Hard Rock Cafe atmosphere.

“Are you ok?”
“Did you just get promoted?”
“Wait a minute… is she really hot?”
The confusion came fast and furious. None of my idiot friends seemed to get it. The truth was, it didn’t matter if my boss were a promotion junkie or hot as hell. As long as she’s a woman, it would definitely work in my favor.

Forget the stereotypical image of women bosses being emotional, erratic and wishy-washy. If played right, a woman boss could be the best thing to happen to your career. That’s right, it’s all about feeling her out, and I’m not talking about copping a feel – no matter how hot she is.

My first ever boss(while I'm with PNBit Sdn Bhd), was a woman that could to do no wrong. A high ranking officer, she called the shots with absolute authority. When she spoke, everyone listened. Her directions were clear, concise and above all, filled with empathy and kindness. That, compounded with her motherly instincts became the benchmark for all other bosses I’ve had to work for.

Then there was my first Project Manager. Ultra-pregnant, soft-spoken but filled with enough grit and determination to put together a current project on schedule. This woman juggled her dual role of expectant-mother-and-boss with the dexterity of a double-jointed Chinese acrobat on steroids.

And who could forget my first Procurement Manager. Tough-as-nails, with ideas spilling out of her pants pockets and blessed with a metabolic rate that could shame a tri-athlete, she hung in there with the big boys and brought them to their knees. Hell, she even mastered the all-powerful ‘re-write this report you male-scum’ index finger command. No words, just a gesture.....haahahhah

And last but not present(in OTIS Elevator) Supervisor. A women with great energy level(it's might comes from her magnetic bracelet :p), a women with multi-tasking ability(some says she's represent the Goddess Guan-Yin :p), and a very sharp eyes for details(always find error in my generated PO's). Hmmmmpphh.....but she had something inside her eyes; I'm not sure what it is, but it's contained some telepathic power or some sort of 'aura' to make me comfortable home.

Maybe I’ve just been really lucky, but four women besting a multitude of men has got to stand for something. Until the next best (male) player comes along, I’d much rather a woman - whip me into action :)


Anonymous said...

Girl Power!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

waliz said...

hey ..ths is not fair!!! i'm wearing a magnetic bracelet ....!!! does it mean i'm having a great energetic too??

ayu said...

hmm...guess I’m not as lucky as u are. Would prefer to have men bosses rather than women.. I always bumped to stereotype female bosses... and I will label them as jerk, idiot, monster, and crazy step mom...hehehhehe

BUT, if some day I’ll become a boss…hope I will not turn into one of them… heheheh

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