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Monday, 17 December 2007

MaMaN Says....# 3 - Eat To Live or Live To Eat???

For some, food is a bigger issue than it needs to be....:p

Keeping an eye on your weight and health is something everyone should do but make sure you’re doing it right. Everyone’s got hang-ups with their bodies and even supermodels are not 100 percent happy with what they’ve got… but that’s just human nature.

‘My thighs are huge, my tummy’s so round & "kedepan"(it's me!!!...arrgghhh!!!), my arms are so fat, etc’ are just some of the more common complaints. And least you think it’s just a problem with women, men are just as susceptible to insecurities regarding their bodies.

Sometimes these insecurities are taken to another level though and these negative body images can turn into something dangerous. People who are unhappy, be it with their physical appearance or emotionally distraught, sometimes turn to or away from food. While some seek solace in food, some others spurn it. Skipping a few meals once in a while may sound harmless enough but in the long run could endanger your health.

Eating disorders are a real danger to one’s health. Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating have caused the deaths of many but scarily enough, many people still suffer from these diseases. Well, as for me, I've stay "happily" in the hospital 3 days and 2 night(it's fun though, because the nurse was so pretty :p) for appendicitis(still don't figure out whether this has something to do with my "junkie-food" habit) .

Sure, we envy celebrities (for instance; I envy to Arnold "susah-nak-eja" figure...heheheh) with their perfect figures but what we fail to remember is that the flawless images we see in the glossies are "touched up". Look at the pictures that the tabloids publish of celebrities who are caught unaware; they look as normal as the rest of us.

Some people eat when they’re stressed or unhappy. If that bowl of ice cream lifts up your spirit then go ahead but don’t polish off a Starbuck mug, followed by a sleeve of cookies, and then a plate of rice. In the long run, being fat isn’t going to make you ecstatic(just learned the word today :p).

So before you start thinking that starving yourself is the road to the land of the beautiful or stuffing your face is the way to deal with your emotional problems, think again. Getting together with friends over your favorite meal is certainly enjoyable but if you start obsessing over food, then you’re in trouble.....

But to say....who want to have a "roti canai" + "teh tarik" with me this weekend??? :)


waliz said...

i want..i want! dont worry..weight is never be a problem wth me..i can eat as much as i can....but it can make hole in yr pocket!hahaha

Anonymous said...

does it matter? really?

so when u taking me and waliz out eh???? we dont do mamaks by the way.....:D

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