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Thursday, 6 December 2007

MaMaN Says....# 1.1 -Let's Talk About LOVE (or LUST)....concluded!!!

Greeting Readers,

It's been a while since my last POST. I'll apologies if my late POST makes you MAD at me (well....did you???...hehehhehh).I am trying my best to steal some times and space to resume my writing 'JOB', let's us continue.

The word "I LOVE YOU" seems to be the most popular word around the world. Sound simple but yet, not ALL MEN find it easy to say those three little words. We (the MAN) are laying our self open to rejection and some MEN are wary about that(including me...hahaahhahh).

For me the usual period for infatuation is three months. Then it's two years of staying very much monogamous. That should be enough to produce children, after which the focus changes altogether, towards the children. However, it might be different for those using contraception. After two years when there aren't children around, things can peter out and become rather boring (just from my personal point of view).

The girl that I mention earlier(my first love), now became my WIFE for about 4 years. To tell you the truth; I'VE NO IDEA WHAT MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH HER, BESIDE HER STUNNING LOOKS; IT'S SUCH A COMPLICATED PROCESS.

But I admit, we were like CAT and DOG. Both of us had a very serious issue of EGOISTIC, JEALOUSY and BAD TEMPER. We always fought for some tiny little matter and that was what split us up. About Three years later, we accidentally met again at the same place of our very first date. COINCIDENCE???...hahahhahahh you bet!!!

Inevitably, when a MAN who's invested time and emotion in a relationship finds that it's fallen apart, especially when it seems to be no fault of his own, there's more than just PRIDE at stake. Because MEN fall in love so rarely they're left questioning their motives and ideals.

Nowadays I am becoming a bit CYNICAL about LOVE; "I'M NOT SURE WHAT 'I LOVE YOU' MEANS," for me, you need a lot of self-respect to say that, or it just becomes words. You FALL IN and OUT of LOVE during a relationship anyway.

For me, WOMEN are probably better at it than MEN. But there's no all-purpose formula. SHE must understand HIS psychology and motivations, and adapt HERSELF in a way that PUSHES THE RIGHT BUTTON in HIM. To get HIM to FALL IN LOVE (as opposed to lust) requires a far more profound understanding and a different sort of talent- SHE HAS TO GET UNDER HIS SKIN!!!.
But recently I discover an alternative METHOD. There is one senior lecturer in psychology at one hospital in London (sorry, I can't remember the name), suggest that when MAN is in love,"THE EMOTIONS OF LOVE FEED THE HYPOTHALAMUS OF THE BRAIN, DRIVING THE PITUITARY GLAND TO RELEASE HORMONES. THESE HORMONES STIMULATE HIS TESTES TO RELEASE SEX HORMONES".

Basically, A MAN'S BRAIN IS LINKED TO HIS BALLS, WHICH IS WHAT WE SUSPECTED ALL ALONG. More interestingly, one of the chemicals produced by the brain when you FALL IN LOVE is PHENYLETHYLAMINE - the same chemical that's in chocolate.


Anonymous said...

you got that one right 'A MAN'S BRAIN IS LINKED TO HIS BALLS, WHICH IS WHAT WE SUSPECTED ALL ALONG' and i am still trying to figure out the meaning of 'i love you'...what? what?..hehehehe... ;)

mAmAn said...

hahahahahh....AZRA, I think the words "I LOVE YOU" itself comes from the balls itself... that's why when men say "I LOVE YOU", their hand became "GARFU" (garfu=fork)

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