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Sunday, 2 December 2007

MaMaN Says....# 1 -Let's Talk About LOVE (or LUST) :D

I've only fall in LOVE once, at 16( young meh???...hahahah). I did the poetry and the flowers. I've smiled to everybody the whole day and even sung along to Elvis Presley :p. I've ached to telephoned her using public 'coin' phone(I'm not scared, just a little bit shy to my parents...heheheh)10 minutes after we parted.

Men may be renowned for hiding their emotions, but when we're in LOVE, our macho street credibility dies. No behavior is too embarrassing for the lovelorn male. Although at the time it all felt wonderful and I told myself it was LOVE, looking back, I can see I was kidding myself.

You might find the perfect girl when you're 17, but you're unlikely to be ready to fall in LOVE. At 20++(after you graduated from college/university and start your career),your feelings will be more powerful because you're ready. It's almost environmental: your friends are pairing off, you're bored in your relationship or you're worried about getting old. At that point, if a woman enters your life who's the right mix of ingredients, chances are; YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE !!! kapusshhh!.....just like that...hehehhehh....and you'll start losing yourself and in worst case scenarios; you'll start spending a LOT of your hard-earn money on HER!

In almost every case, it's about SEX at the start. When you're talking about that euphoric sensation of falling in LOVE, falling in LUST would be more appropriate. But it's very difficult, for both men and women, to differentiate between an infatuation caused by physical attraction and something that has more to it. Some of my friends said,"It has nothing to do with it(sex)...period!". "When you falling in LOVE, sex become LESS IMPORTANT," he insist.

Well, for me, it's depend on what is your objective in that particular relationship. If you're looking for someone to get married, then maybe it's not about SEX. But if you don't have any objective or you just accidently bumped into some girls, then you might think about having some fun(SEX) rather than a relationship that is destined for longevity.

to be continued....


fie1906 said...

u told in your blog that u felt in love just once in your life,on 16 years i right?was it with your wife now or not?hehehehehe

mAmAn said...

Yes fie1906...that was certainly true...that girl now is my wife...we already married for 4 years & have 2 pretty princess :)

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