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Monday, 24 March 2008

MaMaN Says #12 : Great Wedding Gift Ideas :)

You're looking for a special wedding gift, and don't want to simply choose something from the registry(like what i received on my wedding; dinner set, lunch set, tea set, more lunch set, a lot of glasses & mug, blablabla....). You want unique and memorable wedding gift ideas.

Every couple is unique. So here are a few of my personal suggestion to help you find wonderful and unforgettable wedding gift ideas that match the couple perfectly.

Today's weddings are as unique as the people involved. The wedding day is one of the most memorable and special events in a person's life; and the means by which the day is celebrated and executed, are no longer routine. So you'll want to make sure your wedding gift ideas as are tailored to suit the event and the couple.

If you know the theme of the wedding, your shopping time could be cut in half. Simply choose a unique gift, they both will enjoy that concentrates around the theme.

If you don't know the theme of the wedding, think about the couple. What is their couple "identity"? For example, if they take a trip together... Do they go camping, skiing, golfing, to the beach, to the mountains?

Another approach… what's their entertainment style? What do they do in their free time? The concept is to come up with something you know they both love and then choose your gift to match the topic.

If you want your gift to be as memorable as their wedding day, here are two gifts that will do the trick:

1. Buy the bride and groom engraved keepsake boxes to safely place the special items they're sure to accumulate as the day goes by. The boxes will safely and securely protect precious memories of the day they married for years to come. For something very special, as you're choosing the boxes, go beyond the typical keepsake box. Specialize each box to depict the personality of it's owner.

2. Watercolor wedding paintings make a sentimental and unique gift. You give a gift certificate that allows the bride and groom to send in pictures from their wedding day that are used to do a watercolor painting. The couple will have a one of a kind painting of their favorite photo that keeps the memories alive for years to come.

With just a little bit of imagination, your gift could be the best one they received.


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