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Monday, 18 February 2008

TIPs # 4 : 3 Tips To Reduce Work-Related Stress

Are you feeling tired and burned out? Has financial worries or work stress caused you to loose that day-to-day enthusiasm that gives you “bounce” and high feelings of energy?

Sometimes in life burnout is irreversible and the original feelings of joy and enthusiasm for a pursuit will never be regained. But of course that does not mean that you will not feel excitement and enthusiasm for new pursuits in life. It is your duty to learn from your experiences and use that knowledge and take care to attend to your own needs in the future.

Below are 3 tips that can greatly reduce your levels of stress from work and tension within your working atmosphere:

  1. Learn to use time-management techniques at work and be sure to include time for rest and relaxation every day. There is nothing wrong with taking many little breaks throughout the day to gather you thoughts, breath, and relieve that stress.

    If you cannot get up from your desk at work every 30-60 minutes or are so embedded with a home business project that you do not want to take that many breaks, then try simply try putting your head back, stretch, close your eyes, and just breath for a minute or two before you get back to work. Sometimes that is all it takes!

  2. Recognize that in order to do a good job and meet the challenges of work, you must put equal time and care into your body and spiritual needs. Without energy there is little taste in life.

    Without a spiritual “peace of mind” you cannot enjoy what you are working for each and every day. Feel your body and mind like you would your stomach with food. Read motivational material, exercise, and eat nutritionally dense foods. The quality of life enhancement that you will feel from these simple steps alone will help you work harder, relieve stress, and attract more good things into your life.

  3. Learn to prioritize your tasks and start delegating or outsourcing the ones that can be done by other people whom possess the talents to do so. The problem with those of us that want to be successful, whether moving up the ladder of success in the corporate world, or focusing on building a home based business, is that we tend to want to do everything ourselves.

    We get so swamped with all of the little jobs that make up the big projects. We want the quality to be the same as if we were doing the job. We want to do it all. This can only spell failure. Yes, do as much as you can, but learn to “let go” by outsourcing what you can. Your stress levels will decline and your well-being will thank you for it.

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Anonymous said...

Main game pac man kat sini pun buleh reduce stress jugak...Heheheh

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