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Thursday, 28 February 2008

My HOBBIES # 2 : Jungle Camping 1 . "A Camping Must-Haves"

One of my favorite outdoor activities not a very long time ago is camping, especially for those who love communing with nature. Camping would be a good way to have an adventure while exploring the hidden terrain of the wilderness. But that's a 6-7 years back story. Nowadays, with my hectic career and my status as a father to 2 girls, it's very hard for me to find time for such activity.....wish I could do this again somedays :P . But to say, I still want to share with you some tips on jungle-camping. Hope I can find a new activity partner here among you readers :)


Yes, there might be some fun in doing activities as dictated by one's impulse. But camping, especially if one has never done it before needs preparation. This means bringing the proper equipment, medical, and food supply. Remember the wild is not called "the wild" for nothing.

Tips on how to pack for a camping trip:

1. First Aid Kit

A camper without a first aid kit in his or her bag is either a descendant of Mcgyver or Tarzan. You'll never know when accidents might happen; especially when going to those more untamed locations. The best thing to do is to be prepared for the unexpected, and bring some essential medical supplies, which include gauze pads, band aids, iodine solution, milk of magnesia, etc.

2. Cooking Utensils

Campers cannot live on jungle food alone! Well, technically speaking maybe they can; but after about ten of those delicious treats they'll start to long for a more nourishing meal. So be sure to bring pots and pans that can be used to cook hot, delicious dishes.

3. Food Supply

Campers who are planning to go on a prolonged camping trip should bring enough food to last them the duration of the trip. Stock up on plenty of bottled water. Also, a lot of instant, prepackaged, or canned foods will come in handy, especially for those new campers who might not be so confident when it comes to their hunting skills!

4. Comfort Stuff

Aside from tents and sleeping bags, one can bring whatever floats their boats. When camping outdoors, this will be one's home away from home. It is then a must to bring whatever will make one as comfortable as possible, such as blankets, tent heaters, lamps, toiletries, contact solutions, sunscreen, books, etc. Your pet don't have to be left at home either. As long as you will be able to handle whatever your pet's instincts will dictate him to do when at the great outdoors, let it tag along.

Camping is one fun activity for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. What better way to have some peace and quiet while enjoying the great outdoors than going camping and being adequately prepared while at it, right?


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