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Sunday, 10 February 2008

MaMaN Say's....# 10 - Year Of The Rat & My Never Ending Rat Race World


HORSE 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942

You are opposite to the governing sign “rat”. You may lose money easily. You may get into accidents or sicknesses. Beware of arguments, controversies, and legal problems. Hence you should take things easy and drive carefully. Your regular income would be fine, just no gambling or speculations.

WORK: Stay at your job. This is not a good year for you to change jobs. However, if your line of work involves travel, you would do well.

Your regular income is ok. There is not much speculative income. If you gamble, you would lose.

ROMANCE: Your romances are weak. Do not consider marriage this year. Beware of arguments.
HEALTH: Be careful of accidents which may cause bleeding. Pay attention to your heart and blood pressure.

Lose money ???! Weak Romances ???! Heart and Blood Pressure risk ???! Legal Problem ???!

WOW !!! What a hell of year is this???

Well, if you can see, this is not a very good year for me(at least from the Chinese view).... but heck that! Every year is still the same to me. I'm still in the middle of this stupid "rat race" world.

What is the “rat race?”

Here it is : - Every morning, you get up and prepare yourself to go to work - shower, breakfast, get dressed, travel by bus/train or drive your car, work from nine to five, get home to your family and have dinner, watch television or read the papers, then off to bed till the next morning.

You get two to three weeks paid vacation/sick leave each year and occasional overtime work. You get paid by your employer for your services every payday. If you don’t like your job anymore, you find another employer for better pay. Year in, year out, it’s the same routine. You work for somebody else, not for yourself. You focus your efforts in making somebody else richer. That is the “rat race.”

All too often, people are trapped in this race that they never bothered to know where they are headed. They only notice it at times when they run short of cash for unexpected expenses or when they realize what will happen to them when they reach retirement age. And still they forget about it and do nothing to improve their lives.

I need to get out of the “rat race” as early as possible. To achieve this, I need to change my way of thinking - from thoughts of working as an employee for someone else, to thoughts of being in control of my own time and money. This doesn’t mean I will quit my day job right away. I might spend my free time learning and actually implementing moneymaking activities while still working as an employee. Once I am financially secured and have enough knowledge on acquiring wealth, that’s the time to get out of the “rat race” and start enjoying my life.

Hmmmm.....quite a plan huh???...hahahhahh....whatever lah....heheheh :)

The bottom line is this: It is all right to be an employee, but don’t stay as one for long. I’m talking from experience. Better do something about it now.

What do you think my dearest friends ??? Any suggestion for me???

note : you can find your own 2008 prediction HERE



Master Wong said...

this is not a very good year for sign except for rooster and rat itself....i think so lah. But, don't get too worry, prediction that based on the YEAR only is 100% precise. It will be more accurate if you can get FULL birth date prediction combined with the 5 element and your current location. Can you understand me?...cannot aaa??...haiyaaa...i also cannot understand what i'm mumbling about lorr...ha ha ha

AyU said...

master wong... can u predict mine??

mAmAn said...

Master Wong,

well me myself is trying very hard sometimes to figure out what I'm saying....hahhahah

so, don't worry...but to say, I really don't understand what are you trying to say....heheheh :sorry:

mAmAn said...


we are in the same year, which means we both have no luck....tarak ONG wooo!!!....heheheeh

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