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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Just For FUN # 8 - I Love You This Much Award

This LOVELY AWARD comes from my lovely AZRA BONEYTA. See that picture??? Cute heh??!!..hehehehh. Like that picture, she is one of my favorite friend; lovely, cute, sweet, and kind. Love to read her post, love to watch her cat and love to comment in her post(goshhh....she will response to your comment in no time :P) - in short "I LOVE HER THAT MUCH TOO.."

Thanks Azra!!!



Anonymous said...

and can you see the girl in the picture? see her blushing or not? if you cant, then hmmmmmmmmmm......

thanks MaMan......mwahhhhhhhhh!!!! xo

mAmAn said...

hehehehh....errmmm yeah, did notice that.

Love to see you blush in real-life too....hik hik hik....:P

Thanks to you too Azra!!!!

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