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Sunday, 23 December 2007

MaMaN Says....# 5 - We Have PERIOD Too, You Know !!!

I am not feeling good when I wake-up yesterday morning(Saturday). My body seems not to work very well with my mind. Every movement I've made seems like very painful. My stomach boiling, my head spinning, all my joint were in pain and skin burning. I know there is something not right happen to me but I don't know what it is. Anger slipped into my mind and thus make me not in the mood to do anything today.

I've planned to go to the office and finished a mountain pile workload in the morning and I've already promised my sister to come over her house to help her out with lunch afterwards; but I just don't have mood to execute that action.

Then I've open my notebook computer and do some surfing where then I've found some interesting fact on my condition. It says that some researchers in Edinburgh,Scotland, have found that MEN suffer from "irritable male syndrome", not unlike PMS. Their findings prove that fluctuations in hormones determine men's and women's mood in similar ways.

And, just as women ever-changing estrogen levels explain those seven to ten days of PURE EVIL before women PERIOD, a slip in TESTOSTERONE levels can leave MEN feeling bad-tempered,emotional or depressed.

The only difference is that women hormonal state moves in cycles, while men is triggered by periodic circumstances such as injury,serious illness or stress.

No wonder I am bad mood today;I got PERIOD too!!!. So, it's quite feasible that soon I'll be demanding chocolate and a foot rub,"because of my hormones, baby":p


ayu said...

you've got period too?!!.. wanna share my panadol menstrual?? Heheheheh....

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you have just confirmed my theory on man and PMSes!

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